Creating Healing Spaces to Cope

BLOG Creating Healing Spaces to Cope Cindy Kerr / February 12, 2018/ Guest Blog on Braveheart For Kids   15 years ago, I heard the words that every parent fears – “Your son has bone cancer.” I was numb, I was shocked and couldn’t believe that my...

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World Cancer Day

BLOG World Cancer Day Cindy Kerr / February 3, 2018 “We can. I can.” It’s the theme of World Cancer Day, a day that calls on all of us to join the ongoing global fight against cancer. It’s a fight we have yet to win as we lose 8.8 million across the world...

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Welcome to Coping Space

BLOG Welcome to Coping Space Cindy Kerr / February 1, 2018 You’re likely here because you have just been handed the news that every parent fears: your child is facing a tough battle. Maybe you’re here at the suggestion of hospital staff to help you...

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