Coping With Grief During the Holidays

BLOGCoping With Grief During the Holidays When you’re grieving the loss of your child, holidays are incredibly hard. Instead of bringing joy and good tidings, the holiday season often just increases feelings of sadness and loss. Even if you don’t celebrate a winter...

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How to Help Teens Transition to Adult Healthcare

BLOGHow to Help Teens Transition to Adult Healthcare By Dominique Viel, Founder and Executive Director of InvisiYouth Charity The transition to adult healthcare, with a new team of doctors and sometimes new facilities or hospitals, can bring new anxiety and stress for...

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Finding Resources for Childhood Cancer With the Hope Portal

BLOGFinding Resources for Childhood Cancer with the Hope Portal By Mandy Spielvogle Powell, Managing Director of CAC2 In a world turned upside down by the words “your child has cancer”, the need for resources for childhood cancer, information, and support is more...

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