Helping Children Cope with Disruptive Events

BLOGHelping Children Cope with Disruptive Events By Kathy Pfeiffer, RN, BSN, Area Director, Clinical Operations, BAYADA Home Health Care Summertime usually brings a lot of fun – pools, long days of sunlight, picnics and more. But it can also bring an uptick of natural...

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Introducing SibSpace

BLOGIntroducing SibSpace Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of SibSpace, a place just for pre-teens and teenagers who have a brother or sister with an illness or injury. If you’ve been to CopingSpace before, or lived through it, you know – a child’s illness...

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Preparing Your Child for an MRI Scan

BLOGPreparing Your Child for an MRI Scan Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI for short, is an increasingly common diagnostic test for the simple reason that it’s safe, effective and painless. Like an X-Ray or CT scan, it takes detailed pictures of the body’s organs and...

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Describing the Sibling Grief Experience

BLOGFinding Words When Words Aren’t Enough—Describing the Sibling Grief Experience Lynn Shattuck / January 23, 2021 I was browsing Facebook the other day when I came across this question on a page I follow: What is the one thing you wish people had said to you after...

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How to Help a Friend Through the Holidays

BLOGHow to Help a Friend Through the Holidays December 5, 2020 The holidays can be a time of joy, wonder and gratitude. They can also be a time of high stress, sadness, and endless logistics and errands. Add on a child with an illness or injury and it’s enough to...

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How to Have Difficult Conversations with Friends and Family

BLOGSocial Distancing and Health Precautions: How to Have Difficult Conversations with Friends and Family October 29, 2020 With the approach of flu season, a global pandemic, and caring for a child with a life-changing illness or injury, it’s likely you are taking a...

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Kid’s Cancer Sucks: A Father’s Financial Trauma

BLOGKid's Cancer Sucks: A Father's Financial Trauma Gavin Kerr / June 23, 2020 “Even if treatments are covered by insurance, outside costs are exorbitant. You’re already dealing with an overwhelming situation, and now you have to face something people stress about...

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Coming together as a school community in a time of uncertainty.

BLOGComing together as a school community in a time of uncertainty. By Colleen Cerebe / May 19, 2020 As parents, educators, and caregivers, we are all facing uncertainty in dealing with our new routines. Finding and coping with a new “normal,” whether it be for work,...

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Resources for Siblings of Ill and Injured Children

BLOG Resources for Siblings Whose Sibling Has an Illness or Injury April 29, 2020 (Updated March 8, 2021) When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness or injury, a family’s entire world is rocked and the focus, understandably, goes first to taking care of the...

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